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Compliance control is integrated in all business processes of the Bank and is aimed at:

  • prevention of abuses of office and corruption offenses;
  • prevention and settlement of the conflicts of interests arising in the course of the Bank’s activity;
  • counteracting money laundering and financing of terrorism;
  • adherence by the employees to corporate and ethical standards;
  • compliance with international standards and requirements in respect of foreign taxpayers;
  • compliance witheconomic sanctions and the restrictions set by the Russian Federation, international organizations and othercountries;
  • ensuring the rights of clients, includingin investment activities.

Compliance control is structured as a system that involves all employes and management of the Bank.

Compliance is an integral part of corporate culture of Expobank JSC and represents an ongoing identification of cases and facts of incompliance with laws and requirements, regulations and legal acts, market standards and internal documents of the Bank.