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Bank note transactions

Sale of cash US dollars and euros (‘Fed Fit’) for non-cash dollars and euros within set limits.

Interbank lending

The Bank attracts and places funds in US dollars, euros and rubles within opened credit lines; it also implements SWAP transactions (placement of one currency against attraction of another currency, in comparable volumes and for matching tenors).

Conversion transactions

The Bank offers services of buying/selling US dollars and euros for Russian rubles, and euros – for US dollars, with TOD and TOM settlements. The Bank is a member of Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX).

Securities transactions

Trade transactions with securities

The Bank implements trade transactions with bonds and eurobonds of 1st and 2nd tier issuers.

Repo transactions

Credit institutions and corporate clients are offered, within set limits, a funding service in the form of repo transactions secured by liquid securities. As collateral against the obligations the Bank accepts securities included into the Bank of Russia Lombard List.

CurrencyCorrespondent banks
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USDDeutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, New York
USDAS Expobank (Latvia)
EURVTB Bank (Deutschland) AG, Frankfurt, Germany
EURAS Expobank (Latvia)
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