Expobank is one of the best banks among the most efficient and profitable banks

The Bank scored 7th in the rating of the most efficient banks and was among the most profitable Russian banks as of 01 January 2017, according to the calculations made by Kommersant Magazine (issue of 16 March 2017) based on the Interfax-CEA data.

CEO of Expobank Alexey Sannikov said: “Our business strategy follows the principle of efficiency and the results we have confirm professional work of the whole team. Top marks in such ratings are yet another indicator of reliability and success of the Bank”.

In March 2017 Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA) assigned to Expobank a credit rating of ВВВ+(RU), Outlook Stable. According to analysts, the contributing factors were high capital adequacy and strong liquidity and funding positions.

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