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Svetofor (TrafficLight) – Counterparty-Checking Servicein the Bank-Client System

Work with reliable partners - Svetofor provides important information about counterparties in the online mode

What can the service do?

Identification of unscrupulous suppliers

Availability of information about debts in the registries of the Federal Tax Service, Federal Anti-Monopoly Service, Rosstat, Russia’s Supreme Court, etc.

Analysis of company activity

Svetofor helpsverifying the company's actual activity so that you could receive your VAT refund under the deal

Verification of supplier reliability

Licenses and government contracts, absence of bankruptcy reports and critical number of claims, membership in the CCI, registered trademarks, favorable references on the Internet — all this will allow to estimate reliability of the counterparty

Identification of shell companies

Svetofor checks organizations for compliance with the criteria of shell companies: mass registration addresses, mass executives and founders, tax arrears, unreliable registration details

The service is available in the Bank-Client system upon entering the counterparty’s INN: