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Corporate card is a convenient instrument for settlements with legal entities/entrepreneurs and an effective way of control over travel, hospitality and administrative expenses within the company.

Corporate card benefits:

  • Availability of service. You can perform operations with corporate cards everywhere where MasterCard cards are accepted, 24/7;
  • It saves time and money. Reduced operating expenses and time for receipts and withdrawals of imprest amounts, rigorous accounting and control of expenditures via statements, reduced paperwork;
  • Security. No risks related to large cash amounts transportation and storage.

Types of corporate cards:

MasterCard Business Gold MasterCard
Card for paying for goods and services, cash withdrawals and online shopping  Prestigious PayPass card incorporating all the benefits of a standard corporate card and a number of special privileges of MasterCard Rewards and Loyalty Programs.*

Obtain our corporate card and consider its advantages

Contact your Relationship Manager or any of the Bank’s offices.

Documents required to open a corporate card account: