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For Market Leaders

Payroll Projects

Consider Expobank’s Payroll Project: convenient mechanism for payroll calculation and distribution.
Advantages for your company Avail of new opportunities
for your company and staff

Advantages for your company


  • Electronic document management via the Bank-Client System access - free of charge
  • Lower overhead expenses related to salary payment management, cash-in-transit services and cash storage
  • Confidentiality of salary payment details
  • Fewer teller transactions by the company’s accounting department


  • Quick register creation via the built-in employee handbook
  • No fixed hours for registers creation and delivery to the Bank
  • EXPO-online Internet Bank for the company’s employees – remote banking
  • Recurrent funds transfer – ‘Standing Order’ service for the company’s employees
    • Automatic regular payments/transfers for your employees in their absence
    • Fill out and sign only one Application to join the service

Periodic funds transfer – ‘Standing Order’ service for company employees:

  • Automatic regular payments/transfers for your employees without their personal attendance
  • Filling out and signing one Application Form is sufficient to activate the service