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Expobank offers placement of temporarily available funds as term deposits.

Placing funds as term deposits you will have additional income with no costs involved. Funds are deposited in accordance with the Master Agreement.

You may:
  • Deposit funds in rubles, USD, euros
  • Choose the convenient interest payment scheme: monthly, quarterly, semiannually, end of term
  • Depending on the type of deposit you may top it up or do a partial withdrawal
  • The Master Agreement provides for regular placements, including short-term
  • Initial deposit amount, minimum deposit account balance, maximum deposit amount, tenor, currency, interest rate are defined in the Deposit Application
Types of deposits*

Klassicheskiy ("Classic") Deposit
with fixed amount
This deposit is repaid upon its maturity with interest accrued and paid as defined in the Agreement. Tenor from 3 to 730 days
Currency RUB / USD / EUR
Minimum amount N/A
Maximum amount N/A
Replenishments N/A
Partial withdrawals N/A
Interest accrual and payment End of tenor/ monthly / quarterly / once in three months / semiannually
Rabochiy ("Operational") Deposit
with top-ups and partial withdrawals
This deposit allows making additional top-ups until the maximum deposit amount is reached and partial withdrawals up to the minimum balance on the deposit account without losing income. Replenishing the deposit you increase your company’s income.
Tenor from 91 to 365 days
Currency RUB / USD/ EUR
Minimum amount From RUB 750,000
From USD 25,000
From EUR 25,000
Maximum amount
Twenty-fold increase of minimum deposit amount, but not exceeding RUB 200 mn / USD 3 mn / EUR 2.5 mn
Partial withdrawals Allowed
Interest accrual and payment End of tenor/ monthly / quarterly / once in three months / semiannually

To deposit funds, the following documents are required:

If you have deposited funds with Expobank under the Master Agreement earlier
If you are an existing client of Expobank but deposit your funds for the first time
If you are not a client of Expobank and deposit your funds for the first time

*Placement details are provided for information only and do not constitute an offer or public offer.

For more information regarding corporate deposits with Expobank please contact your Relationship Manager or any of Expobank’s offices.

Promissory Notes

Expobank’s promissory note is a security issued in the form as defined by the law and representing the Bank’s unconditional written commitment to pay a certain amount of funds to its holder (bearer) on due date.

Promissory Note is an instrument to be used:

  • for fast and convenient payments for goods, works and services;
  • as income-generating investment;
  • as a collateral, when applying to the Bank for a loan or guarantee.


  • Provides income in the form of discount (difference between the purchase price and redemption price) or interest accrued on the par value of notes.
  • Expobank’s bills of exchange are readily marketable assets (accepted for early redemption subject to the Bank’s conditions).
  • To minimize currency risks, promissory notes are available both in rubles and in foreign currencies.
  • Paper credit can be received at a rate lower than the money loan rate. Paper lending means a special-purpose loan issued in order to buy Expobank’s promissory notes for subsequent settlements with counterparties.
  • A promissory note can be transferred to another person by endorsement. The endorsement is placed on the reverse of the note by a handwritten signature of the Holder or the attorney.