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For Market Leaders

Placement of Funds

Placing funds as term deposits you will have additional income with no costs involved

Klassicheskiy ("Classic") Deposit

Deposit with fixed

up to 730 days tenor ₽ $ €   currency

Rabochiy ("Operational") Deposit

Deposit with top-ups and partial

91–365 days tenor ₽ $ €   currency

Promissory Notes

Expobank’s promissory

Fast and convenient
Income in the form of discount
or interest accured on the par value of notes
Advantages and possibilities
Documents Documents required
for depositing money

Advantages and possibilities

You may

  • Deposit funds in rubles, USD, euros
  • Choose the convenient interest payment scheme: monthly, quarterly, semiannually, end of term
  • Depending on the type of deposit you may top it up or do a partial withdrawal
  • The Master Agreement provides for regular placements, including short-term
  • Initial deposit amount, minimum deposit account balance, maximum deposit amount, tenor, currency, interest rate are defined in the Deposit Application


If you have deposited funds with Expobank under the Master Agreement earlier

If you are an existing client of Expobank but deposit your funds for the first time

If you are not a client of Expobank and deposit your funds for the first time