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18 march

NKR has assigned an initial rating of A-.ru to Expobank with a stable outlook

March 13, 2020. NKR assessed the bank’s strengths as a diversified business model including a divers funding base, strong liquidity position and high profitability of the Bank.

Alexey Sannikov, CEO of Expobank commented, “We welcome this initial rating by NKR at “A-.ru“, which keeps us within the top tier of independent private banks. This is especially welcome in the current volatile and uncertain economic and financial environment. We see this as a vote of confidence in an independent private bank”.

The Bank’s strategy continues to build on our solid corporate business, our successful niche programs, which are guarantees and car loans, and opportunities for acquisitions. We are well into the process of integrating Kurskprombank within Expobank and this has proceeded even better than we initially expected. This will give us an effective base in an excellent region of Russia to develop full range of services to retail and SME customers.

We will release full year 2019 IFRS results in early April.