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23 january

Expobank Starts Collecting and Transferring Client Data to Unified Biometric System (UBS)

In January 2019 Expobank began collecting and transferring sample photographs and voice recordings of Russian citizens to UBS.

11 branches in all regions where the Bank is present are ready to receive people for them to get registered with UBS. All the Bank’s branches will have been equipped with the requisite equipment by late March 2019.

The Unified Biometric System began operating in Russia on 30 June 2018 and is one of the key elements of remote identification.

‘Launch of the Unified Biometric System means a new level in the development of the banking business that will enhance availability of banking services. With UBS in place, customers will have access to financial services and will be able to buy banking products from where it is convenient to them’, - commented Alexey Sannikov, CEO of Expobank.

To register with UBS, a person has to come to the bank only once to leave their biometric data (face image and voice recording).

Later, after the registration with UBS the person will be able to get services remotely from any bank that cooperates with the System.