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For Market Leaders

Corporate Bank Cards

Convenient instrument for settlements with legal entities / entrepreneurs and an effective way of control over travel, hospitality and administrative expenses within the company

Types of corporate cards

MasterCard Business
Card for paying for goods and services, cash withdrawals and online shopping
Gold MasterCard
Prestigious PayPass card incorporating all the benefits of a standard corporate card and a number of special privileges of MasterCard Rewards and Loyalty Programs

Advantages and Opportunities
Documents Documents required to open
a corporate card account

Advantages and Opportunities


  • Cash withdrawals at any ATM around the clock and Internet settlements 24/7. Cashless fee-free payments for goods and services by card
  • Safekeeping of large amounts of money
  • Crediting funds to corporate card accounts free of charge


  • Issue of any number of cards linked to one corporate card account
  • Setting of spending limits for each of the company’s cards
  • Control and topping up the balance of corporate card account via the Bank Client System
  • Free text message service informing of each transaction via the corporate card
  • Use of funds on the corporate card with no need to receive cash advances at the company’s cash desk
  • Cashless payments for goods and services for the company’s needs:
    • at trade companies (wholesale and retail shops)
    • at service providers (gasoline stations, hotels, restaurants, payment acceptance outlets, etc.)